Love IS Patient, Are You?

Patience. That word alone brings many faces, sighs, and prayers.

What does it really mean to be patient?

I looked up the word patient on and found this definition. “Bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay with fortitude and calm without complaint, anger, or the like.”

What does this look like in life?

Maybe there is a boy at school who is always provoking you with his words. He says things to hurt you or just to make you react. How do you respond?

Maybe you asked your parents for something you want really badly. They tell you it will be a few months before they can afford that. How do you respond?

Maybe you are a sports player and you hurt yourself. The Doctor says you can’t play anymore. How do you respond?

Patience is often talked about with endurance. Endurance means “the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions.”

Patience is most often learned through the frustrations and trials in life. Patience is learned through dealing with those difficult people and having to wait on God for those things that we want.

Being patient doesn’t mean we allow people to treat us badly or be a doormat for others to walk on, but it does mean our response needs to be done in love.

When that boy is provoking you with his words, in class or in the hallway, you can just smile and walk away. You can say something nice or positive in response to his negativity.

When your parents need you to wait for that special item you want, your response can be to thank them for being willing to get it for you. You can let them know you love and appreciate them and wait with a content and grateful heart.

When the Doctor tells you that you won’t be able to play that sport anymore, you can bring that pain and grief to God and ask Him to heal that hurt. Pray for God to show you what great things He does have for you in this life.

To be patient is a choice. As you live life this week, journal those times you needed to be patient. Write down what you chose to do and share it with us!!

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your patience with us. Teach us how to be patient with others, ourselves, and as we wait on You. In Jesus Name! Amen!