Love Does NOT Envy! Am I Seeing Green?

Have you ever been envious of someone or known someone who has been envious of you?

I looked up the definition for the word envious on This is what it said. “A feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions etc.”

As I read that definition I was reminded that being envious of someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you want what they have, but that you can want to be who they are as well. It is no limited to material things.

I think many times as women, we can get caught up in comparing ourselves with each other. We wish we looked like the other person, or we wished we had more of their personality or qualities. Maybe we wish we had their family life or we want to have the opportunities to do the things they do.

I spent many years comparing and wishing I was more like other people in different ways. It caused me to carry and incredible amount of jealousy, anger, bitterness, resentment, and pain. This led me into a deeper struggle with depression.

We need to remember that we are custom made. God has put such detail into us and we are His handiwork. We need to appreciate that! Satan wants us to be distracted, discouraged, and defeated. We fall into this as we compare and envy one another. It is the opposite of loving one another.

God has lovingly helped me to let go of what I think I should look like, what I should be like, what I should be able to do, and what I should have. He has helped me be able to look in the mirror and say something positive about myself first, instead of something negative. He has helped me to appreciate those differences, and I am able to be happy for others instead of envying. That my friends, is freedom. It is loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves!

Take time to examine yourselves today. Do you appreciate the way God has made you or are you always comparing yourselves to others? Are you content with what you have or are you always wanting more or wanting what others have?

Share your stories with us! Let’s encourage on another!

Heavenly Father, I pray that we would see ourselves through Your eyes. Thank You for creating each of us special, with such detail and purpose. Help us to appreciate that in ourselves and in others. Give us a heart of     gratefulness and contentment today. In Jesus Name! Amen!