Love Is NOT Rude. Are You Considerate?

Have you ever been walking down the hallway, ready to go into the classroom and someone shuts the door in your face instead of holding it open for you?  How rude right??

Have you ever been talking to someone and they just burp out loud and not say excuse me? How rude!

Have you ever done something nice for someone and they never said thank you or showed any appreciation at all? Seems rude to me!

Maybe you had plans with someone and they never showed up or called to tell you they weren’t going to make it.  How inconsiderate!

The list goes on and on how we as people can be rude to one another. Love is relational. I know my friends and some think certain behaviors are rude and others don’t. I am very conscious of those things when I am relating to each one.

I have friends who have different personalities and they think differently. Each one adds something special to my life. I love them and because I love them, I want to be considerate to them in every way.

What does it say to someone if we do things we know they feel are inconsiderate, just because we don’t agree or it doesn’t really matter that much to us. I am not sure that says “I love you”.

If we love each other, we will consider one another. It doesn’t mean we have to agree or conform to some other way of thinking. It simply means that we love and respect each other.

I challenge you today to think about this. Think about your friends and loved ones. Think about the things they consider rude or inconsiderate to them.

Ask yourself if you are rude? Are you an inconsiderate person? Many times we say and do things, without a thought to it and we realize later that we have hurt someone.  Ask God to give you discernment and to help you love those around you well.

Father, I ask You to evaluate my heart and actions today. Show me any areas where I may be rude and inconsiderate. Please forgive me for those actions and help me to be considerate to everyone in my life so that I may reflect the love of Christ! In Jesus Name! Amen!