Love Is NOT Easily Angered. Are You Offended?

I remember a time in my life when I took everything personally and I mean everything.

Someone would say something and I would feel hurt or start thinking I was a failure.

These reactions and emotions came from a very deep place and God has had to touch me and heal me in those places in ways He only can.

Some people live this way daily. Someone says something and they are offended. Someone will do something they don’t like and they are angry.

Our husband doesn’t live up to our expectations and so we get angry at them and make them pay for it with our actions or lack thereof. Is that really loving our husband?

Our children leave things around the house and we trip over them. We get angry and lash out at them. Is that really loving our children?

Our friend goes out with another friend and doesn’t invite us. We get hurt and angry. We start pulling away friendship. Is this really loving our friend?

Instead, we could remember who our husband is and that he loves us. We could sit down and talk about the situation with him and work on anything that is hindering our unity in that relationship.

We could remember that our children are just that, children. We know they love us and they aren’t trying to be hurtful. We could talk to them and teach them in this moment why it is important to pick up those things instead of leaving them on the floor.

We could remember who our friend is, their heart and the truth that they love us. We can remember all the times we have done things with others and not invited that friend. If it is stirring in you, take the time to sit and talk it out with that friend, instead of getting angry, pulling away from them and starting to gossip.

I am thankful that God has brought healing to me in those deep places. It still happens now and again but I am able to remember God’s truth that has been planted in my heart.

When we are easily angered and offended, we give satan a foothold in our relationships and allow him to steal that from us. Let’s walk in love today by being slow to anger and not easily offended.

Proverbs 19:11 “A man’s discretion makes him slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression.” (NASB)

Lord, I pray that You would examine our hearts today. Show us any deep wounds in us that may need to be healed so that we may be slow to anger and not easily offended. Forgive us when we have been and continue to help us to love like Jesus in every way so this world will know who You are and Your great love for us! In Jesus Name! Amen!