Love Does NOT Hold a Grudge. What Are You Holding On To?

How many of us can talk about something that someone has done to us in our life that has hurt us in some way?

Do you find that you remember it so clearly that you can give a detailed account? Do you still feel all the emotions from that moment flood you inside as you remember these things?

I had an experience recently that will speak to this very thing. I had a confrontation with someone close to me. This is a person that I felt I had forgiven. I thought I had had let the hurt and anger go. I had to address a situation with this person and I ended up saying what I needed to say but not very well. All those past emotions flooded through me and I could feel all the hurt and anger rising up in me all over again. God really used it to show me where my heart was and that I still had some unforgiveness buried deep inside. I was still holding grudges in this relationship. I had to apologize for the way I said things and I have had to begin the process of letting things go that haven’t gone yet. It has been a long process for me.

Sometimes these things take time. Don’t let satan condemn you for that either. Continually bring the unforgiveness and the grudges held in your heart to the Lord. Ask Him to help you do this.

Letting go of the grudges and forgiving those who hurt you doesn’t mean the relationship will be perfect after. It also doesn’t mean that you will be best friends, but it does mean that you are free and it gives God more freedom to be able to work in you and that other person.

I challenge you today to ask God to search your heart for any unforgiveness. Ask God if you are holding any grudges and ask Him to walk with you through the process so that you can be free and prayerfully the other person as well. Pray for the person you are struggling with. That has helped me tremendously through these attitudes and hurts.

Heavenly Father, Search our hearts we pray. Show is where we have unforgiveness and where we are holding grudges against people. I am thankful that you forgave us and that You didn’t hold a grudge against us. May we not forget that as we live out this life with others. Free us and those in our lives as well. In Jesus Name! Amen!