Love Does NOT Rejoice In Unrighteousness, But Rejoices With The Truth. Which Do You Do?

Have you ever noticed those magazines in the checkout aisles at the store? They really make them hard to miss these days.

One thing I have always noticed is that most often they are talking about all the bad things going on in this person life. Sometimes it really is just gossip and other times they are talking about real things going on in theses celebrities lives.

What really bothers me is knowing that they are putting things in those magazines that will sell, which means people are so absorbed and entertained by reading about others downfalls that they put it all over the covers of these magazines. It really is a sad statement.

I find myself a little compassionate and I start praying for these people. I am sure that many of them do not know the Lord but also it means that people are always watching them to see them fall into these awful places.

How many times have we known someone who might bother us because they seem a little too perfect or that they have things together we wish we did. We watch them with this attitude like there has to be something wrong there. We look until we find something. Whether it is a past sin or a new one, we start pointing our finger and saying, “See, they aren’t so great.”

Is there someone who doesn’t treat us very well and we cant even stand being around them. Then something happens in their life that is not so good and we are right there to start rejoicing in it. Whether we do it out loud or in our hearts, it is all the same to God.

I confess that I lived this way for a long time. I am a “justice” girl. When Someone hurt me, I wanted to hurt back. Sometimes it was words and other times actions. You can ruin a reputation by words and gossip. I had so much built up pain in me that each time someone did something, I got even more mean about it. Sometimes it came out on those who had nothing to do with the pain in me.

God says we need to love by not rejoicing in unrighteousness,. He tells us we should not be happy people fall into sin and temptations, even if they are our enemies. We should rejoice in the truth, when people overcome temptations. We should not be happy when we are right about someone being deceptive or divisive.  We should not gloat that we were right about some suspicion. We should pray for those people in the magazines, having their reputations trashed daily. We should pray they come to the Lord and walk in righteousness. It is sad these things happen but we should not take it all as truth either because gossip twist things.

Are there people in your life that you are just waiting for them to fall? Are you allowing your jealousy to cause you to try to find something wrong in their life so you can make sure everyone else knows about it? Are there people who have not been kind to you or your children and you want someone else to do that to them so they can know how it feels? Do you have a revengeful attitude towards anyone right now?

Let’s all evaluate our hearts today. I can say for me personally this is probably been the one part of loving that has been the greatest hindrance to me. Let’s pray for one another today!

Heavenly Father, I pray that you examine our hearts today. Show us any anxious thoughts or hurtful ways in us. May we desire to see people walking in Your truth today and not bound by sin or struggles. Help us to love others like You love us today! In Jesus Name! Amen!