Love Bears All Things.

I don’t know about any of you but I can be very quirky!!

I am a very simple minded girl and sometimes you have to explain things to me a million times and in a million ways.

My husband has been such a blessing and an example of love in this way. He has learned through our years together that him and I think completely differently. It has been a source of frustration on both our parts sometimes.

Now when he needs me to do something for him, he takes the time to really explain it to me and shows me what I need to do. If I am not doing it right, he gently corrects me in a private and gentle way to help me be successful in what I am doing.

I have never heard him complain to anyone about this. He just says the truth, that I need to see things done in order for me to learn well. He doesn’t treat me as though I am stupid and can’t do it, he loves me enough to take the time and guide me.

I think about this as I read this part of the scripture about love.

Each of us has a quirkiness about us. We each have aspects of our personalities that can drive other people crazy and there are friends we have that do things or don’t do things that bother us to the core.

How do we love them? Sometimes we need to just love them anyway and take the time to put into them without complaining or bashing them to someone else in statements like, “I can’t believe they do that.’

Sometimes we may need to love them by bringing things to their attention. Do we do this quietly, one on one with each other or do we publicly humiliate or talk to them as they are stupid and incapable?

There will be times when we need to be that friend who gently admonishes and we may be the one who needs the gentle admonishing.

How do we bear with one another? I know that the disciples had all different personalities. It is amazing to see how Jesus walked with them, in all their quirky humanness. I encourage you to take time to study that. Jesus sets the perfect example for all of us.

I challenge you today that as you are at home, at work, at church, or out in the world, that you pay attention to how you bear with one another. Let God examine your heart and expose any places here that need to be put before him so you won’t be hindered today. As I write this today, my heart stings form the conviction already there. I will be making notes as well. Let’s allow God to love us that way today as He gently admonishes us in these truths.

Heavenly Father, I pray that we would lay our hearts out to You exposed for what is really there. Teach us how to love like You through Jesus. I pray that You give us patience as we love one another despite the quirks and different thinking pattern. As we love one another better and more like You, may we shine in this world so others will know we are Your disciples and that they would desire to know that love! In Jesus Name!