Love Believes All Things. What Is Your First Thought, The Best or Worst?

Have you made special plans with a friend, just to have them blow you off at the last minute and maybe even make plans with someone else instead?

Maybe you were expecting a phone call and it never came.

Did your Anniversary or Birthday come and go without much word from your family or friends?

Has a friend at school been walking in the hallway and goes right by without a smile or saying “hi”?

What goes through your mind when these things happen? If you are anything like me, you may think things such as, “I would never do that to them.” or “What a jerk.”, or maybe “I wonder why they didn’t say anything.”

I used to never go to the best thought possible. I was very insecure, sensitive, and felt very unloved most of the time. This caused my thoughts to go right to the negative

As I have walked with the Lord, He has softened my heart along with filling me with His love and I have learned to remember the heart of the person I know and love. Do I know they wouldn’t do these things intentionally? What might be going on in their life I don’t know about? Now I am able to respond more positively and lovingly.

I do want to touch on the balance of all of this too. God did not make us doormats either and just like the post before this, we are sometimes called to speak into each other’s lives in love. If someone is always not calling you back, cancelling plans at the last minute, or just completely blowing you off, then I suggest you pray about talking to that friend. It is one thing for those things to happen sometimes but when it is a lifestyle in the friendship, that may call for some loving conversation.

I challenge you today to ask God to examine your heart in this area. When these things happen, check  your responses. I am not perfected in this area but how God has done a work as He has changed my heart. I will be evaluating my heart along with you today.

Heavenly Father, I pray that You would teach us how to love with our thoughts and responses, in our relationships today. As we are out in the world may we show Your love and grace to those around us. Give us courage if we need to speak to friends in our lives who habitually do these things and give us a teachable heart to be spoken to, if needed as well. In Jesus Name!