Love Hopes All Things. Do You See Your Circumstances and Other People This Way?

If you read my testimony on the site, you were able to hear about a woman who lived with hope. Her name was Honor and she was a dear friend and someone special.

She was a woman who even in my worst moments, had such a hope in the Lord and what He would do in me. She was a woman who glorified God and hoped in Him, even in the hardest circumstances. I was amazed at how she seemed to have such peace and such hope in the Lord through it all.

I have had to grow in this area as well. In the beginning of my walk with the Lord, when things got hard, or seemed to be falling apart, my eyes would be on the circumstance. I didn’t live with much hope. I feel apart easy when things were thrown my way.

When I saw people just throwing their lives away, it was hard for me to see what God could see. When people were hurtful, it was hard for me to see hope in any of that behavior changing. My eyes were on myself and my own stuff. I didn’t take time to pray for them regularly so that God could change my vision and my perspective.

I thought about Honor, and even when I was walking away from the Lord, she was praying and she would send me cards reminding me that she loved me and so did God. She had her eyes on the Lord and God showed he who I could be in Him.

Do we have that hope for others? Do we see who they could be in Christ? Do we remember the mistakes we made and receive hope that those we love will become all God wants for them.

It is easy to give up on people, especially when we have been watching them and loving them for so long through some difficult times. It is easy to feel defeated, when things look so gloom and circumstance remain the same for a very long time.

We need to remember that our hope comes from the Lord. He gives us hope and because He does we can have hope for others and for our circumstances.

I am thankful I had a friend who saw in me what Jesus did. I am thankful that she held onto that hope that I would become all that God created me to become. I am thankful she continued to pray for me, encouraged and love me through that process. I can’t wait to see her someday again and thank her.

Let’s love our family, our friends, our church, and our world in this way so they can see  and understand the hope we have in our savior, Jesus Christ!!

Lord, I ask for forgiveness for those times when I take my eyes off of You. Those moments when my hope dwindles and I allow myself to feel hopeless in my circumstances and in my relationships. Help me to have that hope that will cause me to love, encourage, and pray for the people in my life and in this world, so they may become all You have created them to be. Thank You for loving me and seeing beyond what I was and am to what I can be and will be in You. In Jesus Name! Amen!