Love Endures All Things.

I remember when I was 19 years old and I had just found out I was pregnant. As I began telling people I noticed that slowly all these “friends” I had were gone and no where to be found. My one friend Dina, who is now my sister-in-law helped me get back to church. I was really afraid to go back but when I did, I was very surprised. I felt loved and accepted. They loved me as a person but didn’t say that my sin was acceptable. I hadn’t felt that way in a long time.

I always found it interesting to me that my worldy friends left and my Christian friends loved me and were there for me through this time in my life. They endured this time in my life with me. They didn’t shun me because I had sinned and walked away for a time. They took me in, loved me and my child.

As I said earlier Dina became my sister-in-law after I married her brother, Duane. Duane loved me and loved my son, Kyle so much he adopted him. He has loved him all through his life and still is there for him in different ways as Kyle has become an adult. Duane has loved me through all the times of having to work through many heart issues that have come through situations I could control and those I couldn’t. There were times he could have walked away but he didn’t, he stuck with me and with Kyle.

As I looked through the bible for verses about endurance I noticed that most of the time the word forever came after. God’s love endures forever. God’s mercy endures forever, God’s righteousness endures forever. Jesus endured the cross was one of my favorites. How I am thankful God loved me so much that Jesus was willing to endure the cross. Not just for me but for you, and for this whole world.

I challenge you to examine yourself today. In your relationships, when your friend is struggling or going through a hard time do you love with endurance or are you afraid it might take too much of your time so you distance yourself? When someone needs help, do you love with endurance or do you think it will take too much of your time so you run the other way? When you see someone’s phone number come up and you know they can be needy, do you quiet the phone or do you answer it? In your marriage, when the struggles are too much, do you stay or do you run and hide? I will be examining my heart right along with you!

Heavenly Father, I thank You for your enduring love that lasts forever. I thank You for Jesus enduring the cross for me. I thank You that You endured as You waited on me to truly receive You and Your love. You are so faithful. I pray that You will show us where we can love with endurance with our lives. Show us where we need to stick with others through their struggles as well as in their joys. I pray our hearts will receive whatever You show us and that You will continually change us to be more like You! In Jesus Name!!! Amen!