Be Still And Know That He Is God. When Was The Last Time You Sat At Jesus’ Feet?

I don’t know about you but sitting is a difficult task for me. I am a very antsy person. I am always moving my hands while I talk. if I am sitting and listening for a long time, I have to put my hands under my legs to keep myself concentrating on listening longer. This happens especially when I don’t have much interest in what is being said or if it is something I really don’t want to hear. Can you relate to this at all?

In this culture it seems as though no one can be sitting down anywhere without some technology in their hands. Whether it is a phone or a computer. Kids now actually talk to each other through texting while they are in the same room. Face to face conversations don’t happen as often as they used to.

God desires a face to face conversation. He longs to have personal one on one time with you. To have you sit with Him in His presence. He loves to hear you talk to Him and He wants to speak to you. If we are constantly distracted by our phones, our computers, our ipods and music, we won’t be able to sit still before Him and truly experience that time with Him.

One of my favorite characteristics of God is that He is a personal God. When we receive Christ, we begin a personal relationship with Him. His heart’s deepest desire is that you know Him personally. If we just go about life and we don’t sit and take time in His Word, in prayer, and in time just sitting in HIs presence and letting Him fill us, we will get burnt out with the people and things of this world. We won’t be able to hear Him as clearly.

I challenge you this week to take time putting your technology aside and sitting in God’s presence. Talk to Him and give Him a chance to speak to Him. I encourage you to look up the some verses in God’s Word about being still. Pick one and write it down. Put it in a place where it helps you remember to be still. As you do this, you will become closer to God, know Him more personally and you will be much more sensitive to His Holy Spirit’s leading in your life.