Saying Goodbye To An Old Season And Hello To A New One.

My family and I live in New England. This Winter has been incredibly cold, snowy, and LONG! It was a Season that felt never ending. I began to feel like Noah, looking out over the water, waiting for that dove to come back with a sign of life I had noticed that many of the trees around here still looked dead. I was hardly seeing a bud on them, much less any flowers. I wasn’t seeing any signs that Spring was here. We went to church Sunday morning and as we drove out I saw this tree filled with beautiful flowers so of course I had to take a picture.

In a few months this tree won’t have flowers anymore and things will change again, moving on to another different Season and so the cycle goes.

Each Season has activites and aspects that we don’t love and some that we do. Winter had both of these. I really loathed shoveling what seemed like a million times. I missed my husband when he was plowing. I ached for the sun and being in the house so much has never proven to be a good thing for me. However, I had some truly precious hangout times with my boys, we had some friends down to sled one day, and we all LOVE hot chocolate with whipped cream!

When Winter is over, those things change. We don’t have the same activities going on in the Springtime but we can look forward to new ones.

God is really teaching me that when one Season is over, you have to completely step out of that Season and move on. There is a transition time but then we need to start walking and living in this new Season.

Recently, I had been struggling. I was feeling stuck and I wasn’t moving forward well. My priorities were not lining up well for this new Season I am in. So I went before the Lord and sought Him, seeking His direction and wisdom. He shared with me that I was trying to live in two Seasons and as long as I do that, I won’t fully move ahead to what He has called me to in this Season. He has called me to write more, step out of my comfort zone more, and move along in this preparation for the Seasons to come.

In order to say yes to the opportunities in this New Season, I have to say no to activities from the Old Season.

I had not been doing that and it was hindering me moving forward. This week I began to say yes to what is needed in this Season, saying no to some things from last Season and I am already seeing blessing and progress.

Is God moving you to a new Season? Do you feel stuck and hindered in the place you are living right now? I encourage you to seek God today and allow Him to show you how to move forward in all He has called you to today! It can be hard to let go of a Season, some are easier to move out of than others but there is always blessing and joy waiting in this new Season. Walk forward with Christ today!