Where Are You Trying To Find Your Peace?

Are there days that you feel overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, or hopeless?

I have been there more days than I would like to count.

So many times I would think to myself, “if I just get this done things will be better” or “when I get myself together then I will feel better.”

I have been saying these same things for over twenty years and probably longer than that if I am honest with myself and you.

Over the last year, I have been seeking God in a whole new way and on a brand new level. I have been learning to stop looking for security and peace in what I know or who I know.

I have been waking up and being intentional about putting my eyes on and trust in the One who offers me a peace that passes all understanding in any situation and no matter what my circumstances look like.

Peace doesn’t come from knowing the details or what something will look like or how things will work out.

Peace comes from the One who knows all the details and knows what my day and life looks like.

Peace doesn’t come from human beings in my life.

Peace comes from the Creator of every single human being in my life and in this world.

I am a planner and a need to know girl. This has really caused me an abundance of trouble in my life. I am a preventive and protective girl. I have found security in trying to control my circumstances and life around me. I have longed to get to that place where everything is in this pretty, perfect package.

I have learned painfully that I am in control of nothing and that pretty perfect package doesn’t exist.

This year I have learned to surrender daily to the One who controls it all. As I lay my life down daily to Him and seek Him for discernment, guidance, and direction for every waking moment. I find that peace that passes all understanding.

I don’t just feel that peace but I live in that peace.

In John 16:33, Jesus says that it is IN HIM we have peace.

Too many times in this life, we look for peace in material things, in people, and in keeping our lives in control or so we think.

Where are you trying to find your peace today? Is it in a planned life or other people? Is it in material things or the pursuit of them? Seek God today, ask forgiveness for trying to find peace in the wrong place and allow Him to fill you with a peace that passes all understanding as you surrender your lives daily to Him!