This year has been one of deep self-evaluation in the Lord’s presence.

Over the years I have struggled with changing unhealthy and dysfunctional habits in my life to creating habits that are healthy and will help me live the victorious life,  Jesus died to give me, that I desire to live.

I notice I will start well but I inevitably I slowly fade back into the old way of doing things and become inconsistent all over again. Sometimes all it takes is one day of back sliding.

I know this is partially due to the humble truth that I run ahead on my own, thinking I can do it myself when I realize later that I did not stop and ask God to help me do it all in His strength.  I make my own plans instead of asking God what His is. The result is always fruitless for me.

I became very discouraged and took on each failure as my identity.

In my weariness I laid it all down before the Lord and surrendered, confessing my need for Him in every moment and acknowledging that I could not do it without Him.

God began dealing with my heart and started a deep work in me that is still in the process.

I read a book a few months ago about procrastination and dealing with the roots of why we procrastinate.

Soon after I went to a conference called Iron Sharpens Iron , where I went to a seminar with Elise Pulliam. She touched the heart of my struggle that day and I left encouraged by the Lord.

That night I looked up her website; and learned more about this book she was writing. Since it really related to where I was and what God was doing in my life, I wanted to read it and be a part of helping other women break through these similar struggles.

“Meet The New You”  is not just another book, surface level strategy for life, or self-help book.

Elise shares the truth about where real life change comes from and is focused on God’s purpose for our lives. She causes us to dig deep and truly look at the root of who we are, why we are the way we are, and who we are in Christ.

I love the whole book but one favorite part is where we really learn how to appreciate who God has made us to be. We look at our personalities and learning styles. I learned more about the details of how God has wired me and left appreciating both my strengths and weaknesses.

God reaffirmed to me that I need to stop comparing myself to others, be free of that so I can appreciate who He has made me to be.

Elise talked about the obstacles that can cause us to stumble such as idols in our lives, people pleasing, too much stuff, comparing, and busyness.

She shows us how to apply it all and move forward towards freedom in Christ!

This is a God-focused book. Too many times most of what is out there is based on a self-focus. I am thankful for Elise’s obedience to God in writing this book. I am already seeing God pulling out more roots in my life and I am looking forward to seeing all God will do in me and through me as He continues to work these truths out in my life.

We were created with purpose. My heart’s desire is to live victoriously. I don’t want to be stuck in anymore ruts or habits that hinders the life God has given me to live. I want to live fully for Him. I desire that for all of you as well!

I encourage you to pick up a copy of “Meet The New You” and allow God to cleanse and free you to live the life of abundance He desires for you!