Aligned Priorities Lead To A Fulfilled Life.

The last few months, I have struggled with moving forward in a few areas. As I have mentioned before this has been a constant struggle over the years. The thing is I know with Christ I can move forward into better habits that slowly grow into a new way of living.

I get stuck and the cycle begins again. I keep getting up and trying again.

I have a huge heart and I love people. This can lead to me saying yes to many things. There have been several times where this has lead me to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual burn out.
God began speaking to me about priorities. Our actions and our lives speak volumes about what our priorities are.

I began to see God and ask Him what my priorities should be in this Season.

Jeremiah 29:13 says “You will see Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart”

This is a promise!!

While I was seeking God on my priorities for this Season, He was faithful to show me.

He is always to be my number one guy! My husband is a close second and my children are still a high priority right now. God has given me specific ministry within the body of Christ that is a priority. Some ministry is done with my husband and some without. He has also given me my writing and blogging opportunities.

I looked it over and thought that sounds like it aligns with His Word and began writing it on my white board.

I felt this gentle nudge and reminded me that I need to take care of myself as well and even if it was the last priority on my list, I am still a priority and I need to write that down as well.

I finished writing it on the white board and prayed about the right place to put it. it is in a place where I can see it and check it in the morning and before I go to bed.

I need to be reminded in the morning that everything that happens or comes up that day needs to be lived with those priorities in mind. I also needed to go back at the end of the day and evaluate myself and see how I did or did not live by those priorities that day. I needed to take what I learned with me into prayer and into the next day.

If my husband needs me and someone calls about getting together than I need to make another time to take that.

If I have not much time with my kids and I need to be intentional about that, my phone needs to become unavailable and ministry needs to be saved for later.

Those are just examples. I find that if I am putting God first and I am aligned with God in my priorities, my life is fulfilling.

I find I am taking care of myself better and loving people better because when I am aligned with God, I don’t experience the burnout because I am living in alignment with Him.

Are you feeling burnt out or stuck in any way?

Are you feeling as though you have too many things on your plate and you don’t know how to get to a place of sanity?

First I encourage you to take some time and seek God with ALL your heart!

Listen as His Holy Spirit speaks to you. Allow Him to take out anything that needs to be taken out and let Him show you what your priorities need to be for this Season.

My priorities were out of whack and not in alignment with His. It brought nothing but frustrations, hurt, feelings of failure, and defeat. That is not the life Jesus died and rose again to give us!

Let’s align our priorities with His today so we may live out that fulfilling and abundant life He desires us to have in Christ!