Great Expectations Lead To Destructive Disappointments

I remember when I was a young girl. I loved watching the fairy tales and all the romantic stories with happily ever after endings.

When I became a teenager, I would sneak watching television shows such as, “The Love Boat” and soap operas trying to figure out what relationships were supposed to look like.

I dreamed about the perfect romance and those ideas about what it should be remained in my mind and heart.

When I started dating my husband, I had many expectations about what this relationship would be like. Duane would be my knight in shining armor, rescuing me from the dungeon I was trapped in.

We were married and began our life together and I soon realized that he was not living up to those great expectations. He did things that hurt me. His actions did not always make me feel loved or cared for. I began feeling depressed and let down.

My brokenness from life did not dissipate because I married this man. My problems did not go away. I felt more hurt and I also was hurting him with my words and actions.

After several years, God began speaking to my heart about this.

My disappointment was coming from my expectations not being met.

The reality was we were two broken people that God had brought together. All that I wanted Duane to give me was not meant for him to give. I needed to receive them from God.

We carry expectations into our different relationships. We want people to treat us like we treat them, or do we? We expect perfection from others and ourselves and we continue to fall into disappointment and despair when they are not met.

Sometimes the expectations we have are not unreasonable but we live in a world with broken and hurting people, who are in need of a Savior just as much as we are.

There is only One who will never fail us. There is only One who is faithful. That is our Heavenly Father, who loved us enough to send His only son to die for us, and be raised up, that we may be forgiven of our sins as we repent of them and be reconciled with God.

I have to learn to stop placing unrealistic expectations, on myself, my husband, my family, and others. It only leads to great disappointments and our enemy uses it to destroy relationships and hinders our walk with the Lord.

Do you have any unrealistic expectations on others today? Are you looking for people to fill a place where only God can? Bring your disappointments to God and allow Him to fill those empty spaces. Pray for those who have hurt you and need the Lord in their lives.

Watch how God brings healing and restoration to your heart and your relationships.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.  Psalm 62: 1-2