Breaking Out Of The Comfortable To Follow Jesus.

Change has never been an easy thing for me.

I laugh because I have friends who change their wall color paint every three months and are constantly changing things around in their home. My walls have been the same color for probably five years now.

I used to work at an elementary school as a Special Needs Paraprofessional. I loved this job. Every year I would come into a classroom, meet twenty four or more new faces, build relationships and help with school work. Every year at the end of the year I would be crying because I would have to say goodbye to these children I had grown attached to and the teacher I had learned to work with, facing a new year not knowing what I would be doing or where. Everything changed from year to year.

I believe God used that job to prepare me for ministry.

During the year that I worked with the children alongside a teacher,  we helped give them the educational tools and social skills to move on to the next year. They were able to move on because they had been prepared for the next grade level to come.

Many different people come into my lives. From my children to young teen girls, to young adult women and older ones. Each one at different stages in lives. Some relationships are mentoring ones, some just walking alongside a friend who is struggling, and other times they are simply day to day friendships.

I have learned that relationships have seasons. There are those special relationships where they last for long periods of time, even lifetimes, but many change over the years.

My children grow up and become adults.

When I am mentoring someone and they get to that place where they have learned the skills they need to move on and move forward in serving somewhere else with others, that is a good thing.

When you walk alongside someone who is struggling in their faith or overcoming a sin in their life, and they find strength in their faith and victory over the sin, that is an amazing thing to be a part of. When this happens they don’t need you as much and they are strong enough to go help someone else.

When you have invested time in certain things and people and God tells you it is time to move, letting go is hard.

Change is not comfortable for me at all. I get to a place where I am familiar with where I am and where I am going and then Jesus calls me to follow Him into this different place. A place where I have to stretch myself, to be around more people that I don’t know as well, to break away from things that I allow to fill time He wants me to use for Him, and to try things that scare me because my identity and confidence has been found in people and not in Him.

Is God calling you to change things in your life to follow Jesus fully?

Are you fearful of what that requires?

Are you distracted by the things of this world and refuse to commit?

Moving forward means breaking out of our comfort zones, getting around new and different people, and letting go of things that hinder you even though it is hard.              

We are there together.

This week I have taken steps to move forward and as I do, He is faithful to confirm those steps. 

Will you take those first few steps with me today?