Letting Go and Living Free

In our house we have an attic. We share this storage space with my parents. Sometimes when I go up there to put something away, I either make a pit stop and look through what is in there or I leave feeling as though I really need to clean some of this stuff out because I keep bumping my head walking around it.

Some things have been up there since childhood and other things have been up there in the last few years. Some things bring up good memories and other things do not.

We have many things stored up in our hearts and minds.  Some memories bring good emotions and thoughts and others do not.

There are moments when I think I really need to get rid of this but then I walk away, turn the light off, and continue on my way. The problem is these piles of memories, thoughts, and emotions stay there and they tend to get bigger as we continue to pile other things onto it.

God has been bringing me though a process of dealing with some of this over the years but this year has been a HUGE letting  go time for me.

It began with that prayer I have talked about, the one that says, “Show me my true heart condition, so I may be free to be more like You.”

My deepest desire is to be more like Christ but it means I need to let go of the stuff that gives me false security and keeps me in bondage mentally and emotionally.

A few years ago, I realized I needed to weed through some pictures and my children’s papers and things from when they were little. I have been a sentimental girl over the years and I tend to hold onto things that are special to me or those things that hurt me badly.

As I was going through these pictures and drawings, I found some from when I was little as well. I heard God speak to me and I remember Him saying, “Keep the ones with good memories and let go of the bad ones.” I believe this was a visual step for me in continuing this process of Him healing my heart.

Now I have a special place for these treasures in my room that I can go back to.

I believe He is still having me do this exercise with my thoughts and emotions.

He has shown me my need to forgive those who hurt me with their words, The children who made fun of me in school all the way up to those around me today.

He has shown me I can trust Him with my hurts, I can not protect my heart holding on to them. Only He can and I need to hand them over and get them out of my heart.

[tweetthis]He has shown me it is in the letting go, not the holding on, in which freedom comes.[/tweetthis]

I am still weeding through what is in my heart and mind but each step I take to letting go of it all ,has brought me such peace.

The enemy does not like this because it lessens his ammunition. The more I let go and trust Jesus with it all because ultimately He is the only one worthy of that trust, the less satan has to use against me.

I have been in bondage for a long time because I could not let go.

I am bringing this lesson into the slowly arriving season of empty nest. Having one son who is twenty-two and another who is seventeen going on eighteen and looking towards college. It is a painful process to let go and let God have control but it is the only way.

[tweetthis]When I hold on to this control, thinking I can protect myself and all those around me, I hinder God being able to.[/tweetthis]

I have been slowly going through things in the attic. I have been weeding through what to keep and what to let go of. The pile is getting smaller.

Are there things in your mind and heart you need to let go?

Are there things you are holding on to that are hard to get rid of?

If you want prayer, please put a prayer request here on the website. I would love to pray for you. We are in this together my dear sisters. We are not alone. I praise God for that. I am where I am because I have some truly sweet sisters in Christ who pray for me and hold my hand through the process. I am thankful for their love and care. I desire to be that for you as well.

I pray you ask God to show you what you need to let go and you allow Him to hold your hand as you do that together!