I was never one for getting a word for the New Year. However, a few years ago God began putting specific words on my heart for the upcoming year. It was an awe-inspiring experience to start at the beginning of the year with a word and to watch that word come alive with new meaning as I lived out that year.

This year God gave me a word. This time it is a word that describes a theme for this year. This word will penetrate every area of my life.


This year I am beginning to build  a deeper and sweeter relationship with my husband as we have begun experiencing empty nest.

I am building new and different relationships with my children who are both adults now.

I am learning about who I am and God is teaching me how to love and relate to myself better.

My relationships in ministry are growing and changing in different ways.

I am seeking God to know which relationships to invest in and which ones to let go of in this Season. I am realizing this is a natural process. Sometimes it feels bad or wrong but it is necessary.

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Over the past few years, I have been seeking God for direction in my writing, both here on the blog and for writing a book. He is so faithful!! He has given me this theme of relationship which will flow into my blogging and into not one but two books.

I have begun a journey through the Bible with a specific focus. Beginning in Genesis and traveling all the way through Revelation, I will be studying God’s relationship with the people. Both men and women. I will be sharing with you, the things I am learning along the way in the Word and in the other relationships in my life.

My heart is you will take this journey with me. I am giddy with excitement about all God is going to reveal by His Holy Spirit. I encourage you to subscribe here so you will get the emails with the updated blog posts. I would love for us to engage more and have conversations about it all. We learn from each other. I love hearing input and watching women grow together.

My prayer is our relationship will grow and we will have a greater understanding of God’s heart for a personal relationship with us through Jesus Christ.