My Faithful Friend

Do you have that friend who knows exactly what you need when you need it.? They may know what is going on in your life but they may not. Sometimes it is a word in season, a text to let you know you are thought of, a gift, or something as simple as a hug or a smile to lift you. Aside from a husband who is great at loving and encouraging me, I am blessed to have some special friends who breathe life into me this way.

There is one friend who stands out above all the others. His name is Jesus.

Recently, we have been in a challenging season of life. There are many transitions going on and decisions to be made. There are days when I have found myself grumbling and complaining. Other days it seems as though, my joy is depleted. I had been praying for God to help me keep my focus on those things I can be thankful for. my husband and I were also praying for joy to fill us and flow through us during this time.

Did you know God hears our prayers? When we come to Him with a sincere heart and a desire to love and serve Him well, He hears us. He cares about it all!

Soon after we had begun praying for these things, God began to shift my focus. He called me back to journaling in my, “Thankful” journal. He caused me to pause in my day and to think about the good things He had done and the ways He had provided. My friends were sharing posts and devotionals on thanksgiving and joy. The book I had been reading was confirming all God had placed on my heart.

Did you know that is God speaking to us? Do you know He is encouraging our hearts through His Holy Spirit and the people He places in our lives?

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 “God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:9

Jesus is a friend. He is not just some religious figure or just someone out in the Universe. He is a friend who loves us, encourages us, and speaks to us.

In this culture, we have defined the word friend as someone we know or don’t know on Facebook. Jesus is not some casual friend waving at you on Facebook messenger. He is walking right next to you. Some days, He is carrying us, and He is always speaking truth and life to us, even if it isn’t what we want to hear.

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Do you recognize those moments when He is speaking to you? Do you notice when He is encouraging you and helping you live the life He desires you to have?

I grew up in church listening to and singing the hymns. I love them. As I was writing this blog post, one of them came to mind. It is called, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. I am going to end this post with a link to that song on YouTube. I encourage you to listen to it. Soak up the words.

Lord, thank You for Your love for us! Thank You that You are a personal God. Thank You for walking with us in this life and for encouraging us by Your Holy Spirit and through those people you put in our lives. Help us to recognize You in our days. In Jesus Name. Amen!