What Will You Choose?

This morning I just wanted to get a quick shower before I left for my day. Half way through my shower the water starts turning cold. There really is no need for this to be happening. There should be enough hot water for the whole house so I was trying to figure out what the problem could be. The more I thought about it, the colder the water got, and the more frustrated I became. This season has been full of big things. I didn’t need the little things aggravating me too. My flesh wanted to throw a fit, give up taking the shower, and get out.

I stood there for a moment and paused.

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I began to ask God to help me choose to stay in and finish the shower.

I asked Him to help me push through the frustration and choose thankfulness over grumbling and complaining

I asked God to help me to be content doing it uncomfortable.

There have been many moments of uncomfortable in life these days. Many moments my flesh wants to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head or give into the frustration and grumble and complain.

I am learning that God teaches us a lot in the uncomfortable and He develops a character of perseverance that can never be learned anywhere else but we won’t develop that character if we aren’t willing to stay in the uncomfortable and allow God to work out what He is doing in us.

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I want to encourage you to stay in and to allow God to finish what He has started in you.

I stayed in and finished the shower. After I made the choice to stay in and finish and I began to be thankful to God for sustaining me and not allowing me to react in my flesh, the hot water came on. I lingered a little longer and took it in.

If I had gotten out, I wouldn’t have experienced the warmth of the water or being reminded by God that when I choose to be thankful and when I choose to follow Him, He will provide. He will bring the breakthrough and He will develop a character of perseverance in me that will sustain me through the comfortable and the uncomfortable times.

I will choose to be uncomfortable today. What will you choose?