Special People, Unique World

I am here today to share with you another piece of my heart. When Kayla and I worked on this website together, I knew that I had to have a place to share stories about people with disabilities and their families who love them. Today, I will share parts of my story, and you will see pictures of others, who have shared their stories here.

I have a sensorineural hearing loss, which has progressed to deafness. This type of hearing loss has a root cause that lies in the inner ear or the cochlear. I am not able to describe it all in scientific form but it is a nerve deafness.

They began to see signs of this when I was fairly young. I began wearing a hearing aid at the age of nine. Shortly after, I received one for the other ear. It is a scary thing to lose your hearing. With this type of hearing loss, it is very subtle and gradual. I took a big loss the year I graduated from High School.

There are many things to deal with as a person with a hearing loss. Most people don’t understand what they can’t see. I dealt with bullying, being called many names because people thought I just wasn’t using my brain well. I was good at covering up my hearing aids and not telling people about my struggle. I have learned it is better to help others understand what a life with hearing loss brings. There are social struggles, physical struggles, and many others as well. Any disability brings a harder road to travel.

The faces you see all along this post are faces of those who have shared their stories on my website. My heart is to share as many stories as I can. My heart is to bring awareness and understanding to those around us who can’t fully know the life that us and our families live. We need to share our stories so others can understand. That is our part.

Will you help me? Will you share your story? Will you do your part? I would love to do my part by being real about my story and by sharing yours! Contact me today at the link I put at the end of the screen.

Thank you for your support and I pray when you meet another person with hearing loss, deafness, or any other disability, that you would treat them with love, patience, and understanding in ways you never have before.

https://arenewedcreation.com/ You can go to the bottom of the page and there is a place to put in your email and contact me.