Olivia’s Testimony

I have heard many stories of how people’s lives have been changed after coming to Christ and I can absolutely say that I have experienced the same transformation. My life has been forever changed. He has shown me so much grace, hope, and love throughout my life. After coming to Him, I look at life and the world around me through a new set of eyes. This year, He has shown me so much hope and given me so much love.

Before, I always worried about many different things, especially with what I would be doing in the future. I did not feel that I had much importance or much of an impact on the world around me, and I sought things that would make me feel more fulfilled. When I arrived at College this year, I came closer to Christ and began to notice all that He has given me and where He wanted me to be. He has given me so much reassurance and hope that I have not been worrying about any of the things that I used to worry about. He has given me so many amazing people in my life and I can truly feel his love and guidance through them.

I have seen such a difference in myself today compared to the time prior to coming to Christ. At the moment, I am in college and what I have noticed is that  there is a tremendous difference between those who seek Christ and those who do not. When you are surrounded by those who seek the Lord, you feel much more fulfilled than you would otherwise be with those who try to fill the void with something else. I know from following others in high school, that there is nothing more fulfilling than what the Lord has given me today. What the Lord has given me does not match up to what other people my age do in college. He has given me a purpose, a path and plan, and has empowered me so much.

Because of what He has given me and where He has lead me,  I have never felt more empowered and impactful than this time in my life. With all the encouragement, reassurance and support He has given me, I now strive to do the same for others around me. This has given me purpose. I want to give others the love, support, and encouragement that the Lord has given me. I realized that it is truly freeing to put all your trust in Him and what He has planned for you. It just goes to show you that the Lord has a plan for everyone and He provides you with what you need. Everyone has come from all different walks of life, but when people come to Christ, we all have one thing in common, We want to show others the love that Christ has given us, because the love that He has shown us is truly powerful.