Whose Glasses Do You Have On?

There are days when I get up with an attitude. I fight the temptation to throw the covers over myself, and hide out for the day. My body tells me it is tired. My mind says to think about myself for once. I look over at my husband as he gets out of bed to go out to work another day. My heart tells me to get up.

When I am out and about, driving or at the store, in groups at church, or out of the church, sitting at a coffee shop, or getting my hair done while my cochlear implants are off, I am an observer of people and life.

People cut me off, they are rude when I don’t hear them, and they push to get around me. I see people just ready to run someone over for the sake of getting ahead. My old man starts to come out and I am ready to defend and protect myself. I get ready to tell someone off, either in the car or in person.

When I see them through God’s eyes, I have compassion. I think about the fact someone might be having a hard morning and rushing. I begin to think that maybe I should pray for them because there may be things I can’t see.

I see people with special needs and I watch the way others look at them. I see kids running around, throwing fits and I watch how others stare. I see people who don’t fit the physical mold this world says they are supposed to fit and I can feel people distancing themselves from them.

When I see them through God’s eyes, my heart is full of love and compassion. I give a smile or a hug. I say with my actions that they are loved and accepted. I remember those days with young children and I pray for that stressed out mama. I am not ashamed to talk to and love on someone the world tends to stay away from.

When I put myself before the Lord, praising Him, surrendering and filling up with His Word, my heart is changed. He changes the lenses on my glasses of my heart and I see things, circumstances, and people through His eyes.

Whose glasses do you have on today?

Take some time to put yourself before the Lord. Praise Him for who He is and all He has done. Surrender and ask Him to examine your heart.

Heavenly Father, We thank You for Your love. We are thankful for who You are. Thank You for seeing me through Your son Jesus. Help us to see others through Your eyes today and every day. May we reflect You in the way we love and serve others. May others know they are loved by You because of our responses. In Jesus Name, Amen!