Learning A New Rhythm of Life

I love music! It is one of my favorite hearing moments. One of my new goals in hearing therapy is to hear the rhythm.

When I hear a song, I have to take time to listen. Depending on the sounds and the instruments used, it can take me awhile to find it. Every now and again, I find it quickly.

It is like this in life.

Each season brings a new life rhythm. When I had my babies, I had to learn to live in a different way and with a new flow. When they went to school, that flow changed. When they became adults, it was a very different rhythm than I was used to.

Seasons of death and grief, moving to different locations, grand babies entering the world, and whatever else life seems to toss at us.

I have to let go of the background noise, and the voices around me, and hear God’s heart. I have to learn what to let go of and what to grab onto.

This is not an easy task, especially when the changes seem to come in quickly like a storm off the ocean, raging with threats of danger to the rhythm I have grown to know.

I encourage you to sit at the feet of Jesus. Take time to be still, seek Him, and hear His leading. Just as I learn to hear the rhythm in music, I pray you will learn to hear the rhythm God is putting in your heart for this season. I pray He will lead you as you move and flow to song He is playing right now.

May we move with Him, where He is leading us today.