Shifting My View

As I began reading Matthew 5 my heart was prayed over and ready to receive what God had for me. My eyes began following the black typed words across the page until I came to the third verse. I began reading the words, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”, when suddenly my heart stung and my mind began to ponder the phrase, “Poor in Spirit.”

I began asking God what that really meant. Growing up we had always just read through the beatitudes, like we did the Lord’s prayer. we would speak the words without truly knowing the meaning of it all.

I remember in church we would stand reciting the Lord’s Prayer every week. It became ritual and an activity of going through the motions every week. It became robotic and that is exactly what the Beatitudes had become to me as well.

I started looking at study bibles and commentaries and looking up the definitions of what it meant to be “poor in spirit.” Over and over again, I saw the same meanings come up. One of my favorites was in the NIV Study notes on Bible Gateway that stated, “In contrast to the spiritually proud and self-sufficient.”

This was a theme in all the places I looked for definitions. The focus was being fully dependent on God and not self-sufficient. It was about being humble, living in humility, and not pride.

I began seeking God more on this topic. I know that when we come to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we recognize our need for a Savior and we commit our lives to Him.

I used to think that is what this part is all about, but God has been showing me something a little deeper.

I have shared my struggles in this season of life and I know God is working laboriously and purposefully in my heart to be fully surrendered to Him. I wrestle letting go of those prideful and self-sufficient tendencies within me, in order to be fully surrendered and poor in spirit before Him.

This was a moment when my heart was laid out before me. Remorse filled my heart. I believe when it says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”, it is about here and now as well as the future.

I believe God wants us to experience the Kingdom of Heaven on earth too. When we acknowledge we need a Savior and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we have Heaven to look forward to.

I also believe when we live as “poor in spirit” here, when we are fully dependent and humble, we will see the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

What an awesome thought!!!

That day I began studying Matthew 5, I thought I was going to breeze right through but God has something more to show me.

Religion causes us to go through the motions and repeat things, like a child repeats what they hear without really knowing what they are saying. They repeat it because someone they love and trust has been saying the same words. So it is with us.

I am excited about going through the rest of Matthew 5 now, and my eyes and heart are open to the unexpected things I might learn.

As you get into God’s Word, especially those familiar places, pray over your heart and ask God to speak to you in new and fresh ways that bring you deeper into relationship with Him.