Be Still and Know God

My mind was going a million miles an hour. Meal plans and grocery lists, texts coming in that needed responses, places I needed to be, and writing I wanted to get done. My head spun around like a top at full-speed. I heard God whisper, “come sit with me for a few minutes and just be still.”

I gave in to His beckoning and sat on the couch for a few minutes just to rest. He met me there.

My heart was burdened for the many people I love who are struggling in different ways right now. Some physically, others spiritually, and still others emotionally. My heart wants to meet every need and comfort each one, but there isn’t enough of me to do it. I hear God calling me to sit with Him.

I was talking to a friend the other day. We are doers and fixers by nature. We love deeply and serve faithfully. We shared about the struggle we have to just be still and sit. Not doing anything, just sitting. Yet, this is the very thing we need the most. it may be fifteen minutes one day, and an hour on another day, but we need stillness.

It is the place where God meets us. It is the place where we release things we can’t carry because we were not created for it.

It is the place where He reveals who He is and what His heart is to us.

It is a place where I hear Him the clearest.

I was driving on my way back from seeing some special people in my life. In the car ride home, God really spoke to me about some things we had been studying in His Word, He gave me clarity about what to write about, and He brought some revelation to my heart.

I used to love the car rides with my boys because it was the one place I had them and their full attention. There was just the car and us. There weren’t any distractions and it was a place where I had some of my deepest conversations with them. I think God feels that way about me. At home and everywhere else I move at a pace that doesn’t allow for sitting time. even when I sit, I am not still.

Lately, I have found myself longing for it. The time in the car, when I am just focused on driving and nothing else. When I shut off the music and allow quiet to enter, I hear Him so clearly, and I realize He is trying to talk to me all the time about things but I am running so fast, I never get still with Him.

In the stillness is where He is made known the most clearly.

Today I am making some lists and lines. A “Yes” list and a “No” list. I am praying for wisdom and discernment in how to use the time God has given me. I am asking He unclutters my mind and heart out so I can hear Him clearly. I am making time for stillness so I may know Him more.

Will you join me? Whatever amount of time that looks like. It doesn’t have to be boxed. For those young moms, it can even be in the bathroom for 5 or 10 minutes. Let’s practice being still. Having a focused time where we can connect with Jesus, not doing or saying anything. Just sitting at His feet like Mary, resting in His presence and allowing Him to make Himself known to us.