Being Transformed In The Messy

One of the perks of having to fully renovation was a brand new kitchen. This kitchen is a little bigger and an enormous amount more enjoyable to work in. I have been practicing jumping out of my comfort zone, escaping my safe places and letting go of my fear of failure. I have exercised this in my cooking time as well.

The other night I decided to make something I had never tried that my husband really likes. This can be an even scarier place of stepping out, because if I don’t do it well, I don’t just disappoint myself, but someone else who I love.

I got my pinterest pin out for my visual and I started working in the kitchen. I began working on the process of putting this meal together. After a while, I got some water and stepped back a minute. I looked over my beautiful new Island, and it looked like a tornado had ripped through and devastated the land.

I laughed out loud and thought to myself, “if people only saw my messy process.” My process Is messy in cooking in life and my walk with Jesus.

My start is sound, and somehow God makes something beautiful and tasty come out at the end, by my middle is not pretty. It can be pure chaos, and anyone looking in at that moment would wonder how I will ever make it to the end.

In this journey called life, I have learned that it is in this messy middle, God is transforming me in ways I can not see, and other people can not see.

The meal I made for my husband came out better than I ever expected. He was pleased and satisfied, and felt loved. I stepped out of my comfort zone, left some of my paralyzing fear behind me, and I walked away more confident in trying new things.

God used the mess to remind me that just as He was helping me work out that recipe, He is helping me work out those things in my heart that need healing and transformation by Him.

I struggle to show people my messy places. I worry they might think I am less of who God says I am. I fear they will confirm the lies I tend to believe from the enemy. It makes me feel vulnerable and unsafe., but when I do allow people in, I find a deep healing and freedom, I have longed for so long. I find buddies to walk with through the messy places.

Is there a messy place you need to invite a buddy to walk with you?

Have you closed yourself up with walls?

Do you doubt God is working in your messy place?

I want to encourage you to ask God to show you who you can share with today. I pray God softens any hard places in our hearts, including my own. I understand that doubt. I have been there, not too long ago. I want to speak truth and life today by reminding you that God is with you. I know it doesn’t feel like it in that messy place, and our flesh wants to not believe that He could be there in that messy moment, but He is there. He loves you, He is walking with you, and He is doing His best work in that mess. He is transforming you, and He is transforming me.