What Can I Do?

This World has taken a chaotic turn over the last few months. It seems to get worse continuously.

I have brought this question to God in prayer.

I have watched the social media posts, the news people, the people in the stores. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has something to say.

However, I don’t see people’s words changing anything for the better.

I see the riots and looting. I see people hurting one another for the sake of getting their point across, but I don’t see that changing anything for the better either.

I was talking to a friend last week, and her beautiful heart desires to make things better in the world.

People feel helpless to do anything.

When I took some time in prayer with the Lord, He gave me some direction.

I have always seen people as people. I don’t look at people of different races or origins and think they are different from me. They are flesh and blood human beings just like me.  I don’t look at people with disabilities as different. They are human beings, just like everyone else, with a purpose in this world.

When I go out in the store, or I am walking on the street, I SEE people. I smile and talk to them. When someone I love is hurting, I do my best to help. Sometimes it is just a listening ear and praying for them.

I believe the best thing I can do is to keep being me.

I will keep smiling and talking to those around me, even those I don’t know.

I will keep loving those God has put around me in the ways I am able.

I will keep standing firm in my faith and beliefs.

I will keep speaking up for myself and others with disabilities who haven’t found their voice yet, or those who need a cheerleader.

I will keep praying for our leaders. I will pray for those in the world who are hurting and those who are hurting others right now. I will pray for our military and those who have fought for each of us and our freedoms. I will pray for our police officers and their families.

I will pray for our church leaders and for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted, ridiculed, and hated for our faith.

I will keep writing the words God gives me. I will love in whatever way  He asks me to, and I will be a light in this dark world. We just need to be who God has made us be. We need to look within our hearts and let God examine them. We need to allow repentance to happen, and we need to keep walking forward with God. No matter how much chaos is around us.

Each day, I pray I love those I encounter in the way God has loved me. It is a love that is deeper and greater than the way the world defines it. I don’t need to fix anything, because I can’t, but I can bring these things to the One who can, and I can be who He has made me  be for such a time as this.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for who You are, and we thank You for who You have made us  be. We surrender the cares of this world to You. We pray for healing where there is hurt. We pray for people to forgive. We pray for our leaders, both governmental and church leaders, as we live in this time. Give them wisdom, discernment, and strength. We pray for a hedge of protection over our military, our police officers, and their families. Thank You for the ways they have served their Country and fought for our freedoms. Guide them daily. Bring reform where reform is needed. Bring peace, where peace is needed. Help us to walk in love, yet firm in our stand. Thank You for your strength, provision, and help at this time. Continue to walk with us, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen!