A Clear Vision

Last month I was able to sneak away with my husband on a training trip. While He worked I was able to grab some undistracted time to write and pray about this ministry God has given me. I grabbed some coffee, sat down, and my mind began whirling in a million different directions.

I made myself pause and pray.

Recently our women’s ministry came out with a vision and mission statement. I read it several different times and I realized I had never really done this for the ministry God had given me at A RENEWED CREATION. I began praying for God to bring clarity and focus. I sought Him to show me just what He is doing in all of this.

I have to confess; I tend to wander. I start a process and a goal, but when the process takes so long and requires so much, I find myself like that antsy child turning my eyes in other directions to see what is more exciting over there. Then, finally, vision pours out, but the steps to take towards the destination overwhelms me.

As my husband would say, I am always looking to get to the destination. I struggle with the process and the journey to get there. I can be a very disciplined person, but I am a distracted disciplined person. I need a clear vision and steps and strategies to stay focused and move forward toward that vision.

Satan likes to use this weakness to get me off track and get me off guard. He has done this over and over again in my life. I get the vision; I start walking towards it, and the next thing you know, I am off wandering in another direction.

My husband and I were taking a leisurely ride on vacation. He put the destination in the GPS. It gave us several choices, and he picked the scenic route for us. After driving for a while, I noticed he seemed frustrated. He realized the GPS had decided we needed to go another route because it was faster, but that was not the route we chose. The GPS decided it knew us better and had the better answer, so it changed it without consulting us or giving us a choice.

God showed me I have been like that GPS.

He has chosen the scenic route for me in my writing and ministry. I have decided it is not fast enough and what I need to be doing. So I change the route, without seeking Him or consulting Him.

He has set that path out for me and I keep rerouting and redirecting.

This week I have done some confessing and repenting for not just this time but for the many times I have done this in my life. I trust that God allows it all, and His timing is perfect. I believe it is all to grow me to where He is taking me and this ministry.

This has been a season of growth like no other I have experienced and I have experienced some, but I have never known such a season of preparation that is rooting and grounding me deeper in Him than I have ever been before.

A RENEWED CREATION is just beginning, and He has given me HIS vision and mission for it all, and I want to share that with you today.

VISION: For every woman to know she is loved, connecting to Jesus, and has a community of sisters to walk within this life.

MISSION: To LOVE women for who they are, where they are right now. CONNECTING them to Jesus, the only one who brings life transformation. WALKING together on earth as we journey towards heaven.

A RENEWED CREATION is more than just a website, a blog, or a ministry. It is a COMMUNITY where women can come just as they are right now. It is a place where through blog posts, teachings, and interactions, they can be connected to Jesus. It is a safe place to be known and loved, where you can meet other women who are on this journey with you.

If this is somewhere you would want to be, I want to encourage you to subscribe to our weekly blog posts. Throughout the month, I will be sending personal encouragement and prayer prompts to help us feel loved and connected. You can also join our Facebook Group Community page for some extra personal interaction and a more intimate community feel. If this is not the place for you, that is ok too! Just know that you are loved, prayed for, and it is my heart’s desire that you find a COMMUNITY you can be a part of and a place where you can live life with others around you.

I pray God gives each of you a clear vision for who He has created you to be and for the path He has for you, here on earth.