Little Acts Of Love

Every morning I wake up in silence due to my deafness. I usually give myself an hour of complete silence to prepare myself for the day However, it could be easy for me to sink into that silent world so I will put my cochlear implants together and prepare for the day. I put each piece together and put them on the kitchen table while I finish getting ready. I will do this after taking a shower as well.

I go out into the kitchen and I see that my cochlear implants have been intentionally placed into the shape of a heart.

This has become a special way for my son to show me that he has been there and he loves me!!

Every time I see this loving picture, I know that David has been there and I know He loves me and is intentionally showing me that truth.

I was struggling with how to piece this post together so I took time to go grocery shopping and God showed me some beautiful things I would like to share.

While I was driving, I saw this person who looked like they were melting from waiting for someone to let them in so they could continue where they were going. I stopped and let them out. The appreciation on their face was beautiful.

I drove to Walmart for some things I needed. While I was in there I walked by and saw a $20 bill on the ground. I picked it up and asked a young man where I should bring it. He face was dumbfounded and acted like I should just take it and run. I asked another lady and I brought it to customer service. The people who saw me do this looked shocked. I handed it to the lady and prayed that it would get back to who it belonged to.

While checking out at Stop and Shop, there was a young girl who looked like she was new at the job. I took time to talk to her, show patience, and prayerfully make her day better.

As I walked to my car, I put the groceries away and took a few minutes to walk my cart over to the area they are parked.

I sat down in the hot car, putting my receipts and wallet in my purse, I heard God speak to me.

Just like David makes a heart with my cochlear implants to show me he has been there and he loves me, I did the same thing today.

Allowing that person to get out onto to the road says Jesus was here and He loves you!

When I gave that money back instead of keeping it, that says Jesus was here and He loves you!

Taking time to talk to that girl, show patience and love, says Jesus has been here and He loves you!

Putting my cart away, as simple as that is says Jesus has been here and He loves you.

These little acts of love speak big words to a world who does things so differently.

We are ambassadors for Christ.

Everywhere we go, we should leave evidence that says Jesus was here and He loves You!

I encourage and challenge you to ask yourself today, how am I leaving the people I see today and the places I go? Are people looking shocked and awed that you do the things you do because they are incredibly different than what most people do? Ask God to give you opportunities to show little acts of love today and may people know that Jesus has been there and that He loves them!

“Therefore we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” 2 Corinthians 5:20