Are You Inviting Others Into Your House Or Your Home?

I remember being a young mom with small, energetic, and curious boys.

We were invited to a friend’s house one day. When we arrived and she opened the door, we walked into the most pristine, put together place I had ever been. To be completely honest, it looked more like a museum than a home.

I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “are they able to live here?”

We took our shoes off of course and began heading to the living room.

Panic flooded my whole body as I watched my youngest son looking around for whatever he could touch and play with.

Since I have a hearing loss and really rely on lipreading and seeing a person’s face during conversation, it made it all the more difficult to keep track of my son while attempting to have a deep, meaningful conversation.

I didn’t feel at home and it was a very stressful visit.

I was reminded of this the other day as we were getting ready for company.

I am thinking about everything I should do to make things nice for people to come over. I feel this need to get to a level of perfection. I think about how I wish I had nicer furniture or better floors. I start the whole process in my mind that what I have to offer is not good enough. Then I go into crazy mom mode to get things done so things can be just right for everyone.

My focus becomes more on the house than it is making people feel like they are home.

I have put my family through this struggle with me for the last nineteen years.

I have this list of what others expect in my mind. I make my worth be based on works and this insane level of perfection.

God really snatched a hold of my heart this week.

I let go of my own expectations, what I perceived as others expectations and asked God to lead me by His spirit and help me do what He wanted me to do.

This was an incredible freeing week!

He keeps things simple, I complicate them.

I gave my company my best in each and every way. I was prepared but flexible. I was willing to let someone serve me through the process. My family came along side me to help in a way they haven’t been able to before because I wasn’t so stressed out and trying to do it all myself.

I believe I welcomed my company into my home and not just my house.

We could all relax and enjoy our fellowship. They could feel at home and even among the little imperfections, I enjoyed the time without worrying about all that didn’t get done.

We do this with others in so many ways.

Do we go around needing to put on a mask that says, I have it all together, when deep down we are falling apart?

Do we always have our outside put together like a woman in a magazine or do we allow others to see us in our sweats and ponytails?

Do we only take our children out when they are behaving or do we let others in to see that they have struggles just like everyone else.

Do we paint our lives as this picture perfect painting on Facebook or are we real?

I want to be one who is as real and transparent as I can be. I want people to know that I am in this life with them. I want to live life with others, not just from a distance so everything can look good.

I encourage you to allow God to search your heart today. Have you been keeping people at a distance because if they saw anything other than perfection they might not like you or want to be your friend? Do you find yourself putting on a false perception of yourself, your marriage, your parenting, or your life?

Allow God into your home and not just your house and He will transform you, which will overflow into all other relationships and areas of life!!!