Do You Know His Voice?

We live forty-five minutes from our church and my son has youth every Wednesday night. Since I can’t go home, I make a plan to go see someone or do something on my own.

I have tried to be intentional about praying and seeking God to know who or what He has planned for me that night. I can be one who makes my own plans first and then ask God but He has been teaching me to walk with Him and not always have something planned out.

Last week I prayed about it and He hadn’t really told me what I should do so I knew it would be an open ended night and He would show me as I went. This used to bother me because I am a planner and needing to know the next step girl.

I dropped my son off and talked to a friend and then I felt that nudge from the Holy Spirit, telling me to text my sweet friend who lives next door to the church. I text to see if she was home. She replied and I went over.

I received the biggest hug when I went over there. She had just had a painful experience and was down about it. She looked at me and said, “God knew I needed you tonight.”

This was not the first time this has happened and yet I stand awe struck every time.

It caused me to think about John 10:27; “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

I always share this with my friends when this happens. Partly for the testimony and partly because I am still in awe of how God speaks to me and how I hear Him.

This is not a special quality just meant for me.

God speaks to us often and He wants us to hear Him. He desires us to listen for His voice.

I hear it in different ways. It can be that nudge I talked about, it can be a thought that comes to mind or someone put on my heart. A knowing in my spirit or a clear audible voice. He speaks in different ways and in different volumes.

I have learned that as I walk with Him daily and invite Him into each moment of life, the more clear His speaking to me becomes.

The more in tune with Him I get, the more I want to hear and know.

I come to Him with childlike faith and I ask Him and invite Him into my days and moments.

He wants this relationship with each of His children!

Are you asking Him into your days and moments today?  Are you coming to Him expecting He will speak to you or do you think it is just for others who are more Godly than you?

Sit before Him today and invite Him in. Come expecting and don’t put His response in a box. Hear Him speak to you and see how it transforms your life, your testimony, and you walk with the Lord!