This, is a story about love, life, and death. Jessica married her first love, Jason and life is good but soon trials come. The choices are to hold onto her faith in God or give in to despair and the world’s idea of a solution.

Jessica shares her heart, transparently and fully in this beautiful book. There are times of joy, and times of sadness. There are times of love and times of pain. There are times of healing and times of prayers being answered in ways we wish they weren’t. There are times of brokeness and times of restoration.

As I read Jessica’s story, I was reminded that it is good to be honest about our feelings as we walk through life. I saw a strength shine through that only comes from the Lord, yet there was the reality of the feelings and struggle as you walk through the fire.

I was reminded about how precious life is to God. He has purpose in each one. Each life may look different and some may be shorter than others but there is a purpose for each one.

Today, I want to give away one of these books. Just leave a comment below sharing how God has brought beauty from ashes in your life.

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