Live Like An Influence You Want In Your Life

This Spring, I have been leading a women’s small group through our church. One of my sweet friends opened her home to us and we have been growing in the Lord together. We have been reading a book called, “She’s Still There” by Chrystal Evans Hurst. It has been such a blessing.

There was a quote from our reading this week,that stuck out to me. It said, “You need to surround yourself with people who get where you are trying to go-people who can support you, join you, or give you some direction. If there are people in your life who don’t do any of the above, it’s your job to decide the amount of influence they have in your life-or whether they should be in your life at all.”

As I read this statement and really marinated in it for some time, I was brought back to the Garden of Eden. Eve had listened to the serpent. She ate from the apple and then brought it to Adam. She gave the apple to him and he ate it. I started pondering that and God began to speak to my heart.

What kind of voice and influence am I in my husband’s life?

Am I somebody who helps my friend stand firm in what God says to do or do I lead them away?

Do the people I surround myself with and allow to speak into my life, lead me towards Jesus and what God has for my life, or do they distract me and lead me away?

Eve, in that moment, was not a wife who came alongside her husband encouraging him to be obedient to God, instead she influenced him to sin and be disobedient.

Adam, in that moment, was not a husband who stood firm in what He knew God wanted him to do despite what his wife said and did. He followed her into disobedience and sin.

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It is hard to be in a room where there is a conversation going on and it begins to lead to gossip.  Will we join in and keep the fire going or will you be the one who influences the group to turn away from it?

If there is a movie playing that we know we shouldn’t watch or wouldn’t be good for us. You feel that check in your spirit that says you should leave. Will you listen and be willing to walk away or find another option or will you stay?

There are days when I am struggling to focus. I know I need to write or study my bible. Will I pick up the phone to look at social media or will I write and study my bible?

The struggle is real friends!!

Our first influence should be God. We can pray to Him through Jesus. We can ask Him for the Holy Spirit to be our influence throughout our day. We can ask Him for wisdom and discernment for the right people to be in our lives and for Him to weed out those who are not good for us. We can be attentive. Are there people in our life we seem to be different around or those who distract us from what God wants us to be doing?

[bctt tweet=”I encourage you to have people in your life who encourage and build you up. Women compare and compete enough. As women of God we need to love,encourage and build each other up in Him.” username=””] Have people who pray for you and will walk with you through the good times and the hard. Have people who will keep you accountable in the areas you need it and be willing to let go of those who God says to.

Lord, I pray that Your Holy Spirit would influence us moment by moment of every day. I pray You would put the right people in our lives, who cause us to be more like you and to stand firm. Help us to have the wisdom and discernment to know who we may need to spend less time with and for you to put the right people in their lives as well. Let us be women who live in a way that draws others to You and not away from You. In Jesus Name!