I Trust God But…

Trust seems to be a theme in my life lately. Everyday in my devotional, writing, or posts I am following, scripture shows up about trust.

I went in to TJ Maxx the other day. I can’t seem to remember why I went in there. Sometimes I go in just for a mental break in the middle of the day. I was walking to the checkout line and this coffee mug stuck out like a sore thumb. It said, “She confidently trusts the Lord to take care of her.”

I went back and forth within myself. I trust God…but do I trust Him confidently?

I look up the definition of confidently. I went to the dictionary app. It described it as this: “having strong belief or full assurance.” When I looked it up in the thesaurus what it said struck me. It said it meant having conviction.

I love the Lord. I believe God is who He says he is. I believe He loves me. I do allow doubt to creep in when I can’t get beyond what I see and don’t see. I let doubt creep in when circumstances and people around me don’t seem loving. I allow doubt to come in when I feel like God should be fixing stuff and He is not.

I trust you, God but….

I heard God whisper to my heart, “I know you love me, I know you trust me but I want you to trust me confidently.”

Do you relate to this struggle? Do you allow doubt to creep into your heart sometimes?

I encourage you to pray this prayer with me this week. God can take care of those doubts that creep in and we can trust Him confidently, despite other people and circumstances around us.