Are You Adding Salt to the Dish God has Given you?

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.” Matthew 5:13

When I cook, I usually flavor things well, but every now and then, my husband will ask me for the salt. In that moment, I know the dinner I made is a little bland, and lacking the flavor he is looking for in his food.

We have family, friends, co-workers, cashiers, people who drive on the roads with us, and church family. We have strangers we meet every day, our friends have family, and there are those who come in and out of our lives during different seasons. We have Doctor offices we go to, grocery stores we shop at, and every other store we go to. We have the potential to see an overwhelming amount of people every day, week, month, and year, we live on this earth.

My husband wasn’t really interested in eating the bland and unflavored food I put in front of him. He wanted the salt so he could add some flavor, and his food would taste better.

When we are present with the people God has placed in our path, whether it is for five minutes or five hours, do we bring flavor to their life? Do they see something, they don’t have, that they want and desire for themselves?

I am going to speak some truth in love today, I believe that many Christians have become bland and tasteless in this world. We blend in, more than we add flavor or stand out.

We grumble and complain, instead of being thankful for all God has done in us and for the ways He has provided for us.

We take control instead of surrendering to His plans. He doesn’t work fast enough, so we make our own plans.

We are angry and unforgiving. We are self-focused and impatient.

We want God to hand us everything on a silver platter, and we don’t want to work at anything.

I am speaking to myself. I have spent this year working through some hard stuff. I have asked God some hard questions, and I have told Him what I think of Him and His plans. I have questioned Him in ways I haven’t since I took my spiritual detour in my teenage years. It has been a scary time of battle for me.

I have had to ask for forgiveness, I have had to face old wounds and hurts in my heart that have caused unforgiveness and bitterness. I have had to surrender my plans and dreams in exchange for His. I still have days I fight it.

Religion will not get you through the hard places of life, Relationship with Jesus is the only thing that sustains. He is the only thing that replaces hope for hopelessness and depression. He is the only one can bring comfort in grief. He is the only who help us know we have a purpose beyond surviving life.

He is the only thing that kept me from falling apart in this season.

That is the flavor I want to add to the dish God has given me. Every person I see and touch, may they see something that adds to their day and their life. May the salt I sprinkle around cause them to ask questions and seek to find out where that comes from.

I learned a long time ago that nothing in this world will ever bring satisfaction. It will bring a temporary high and leave us looking for another one. This world is bland, hopeless, and hurting. People are hurt, angry, bitter, resentful, and starving for a good ,flavorful meal.

Let’s commit this year to go and be salt to this world. Let’s commit to seek God deeper, to know Him more, and to share Him with those He puts around us.