What Is The Purpose?

Last week we talked about being a lighthouse. Jesus is the light within us and as we spend time with Him and grow in our relationship with Him, our light shines brighter. As we live our lives, that light shines in everything we do and all that we are. It shines in our relationships and in our actions.

Why did God create it to work that way? What is His purpose in shining His light through us?

I was at a meeting last night where we were talking about women’s ministries in the church. God is so creative! We have several ministries and groups going on that are unique to each woman’s gifting. I love it! Our conversation got me thinking about some things God had already been stirring in my heart.

This can’t be the main purpose in all of this.

His light shines through us because we have met Jesus. We have acknowledged and received who He is. We are spending time with Him, to get to know Him. We know it is through Jesus we have a relationship with God. That is what we want others to know.

We want others to know Jesus!

This is the purpose. He is making Himself known through us.

When we lose sight of that, things aren’t as fruitful. When we become more focused on getting people to church, serving, and going to bible studies instead of that relationship with Jesus, others will start to believe it is those things that are the most important.

I want to make sure that I point out that these things are important and God is clear that we need to not stop meeting together regularly and bible studies and small groups are an awesome tool to help us get to know God’s Word and gives us opportunities to build relationships with one another. God is clear that our relationship with each other is the next important relationship to Him. These things are necessary in our walk with Jesus and each other.

God has put that light in us. Jesus lives in us and by the power of the holy spirit we shine for Him. When our lights shine, others see it and want to know where that light comes from. They see something different than what they experience in the world and they want to be around it more.

As we know God more, and we live like Jesus, than others can know Him more. This is God’s purpose for His light in us. It is how the world will know Him.

Let’s go today with a focus on building and growing our relationship with Jesus so our lights will shine bright, and may others know Him because of it.