Being Made Brand New

Those new glass shower doors were shining bright in the sunlight as I worked at cleaning up the smudges and dirt marks on them. Then I came to a place where there is a spot that wouldn’t come off.

Frustration built up, and I started complaining to God about how brand new things should not have imperfections on them, and I let Him know my aggravation was real.

 Practically every inch of our home has been renovated, due to several starving, wood-eating bugs who chewed through our house. It was the first time I had seen so many brand new items in here at once. 

However, as my husband and I walk through the home, there are imperfections all over. Some small, some bigger, but they are all around.

While I was belting out my frustrations to God about this imperfection I found on this brand new item, He gently reminded me about something.

Recently, one of my favorite Christian artists, Matthew West, came out with a new song called “Brand New.” One of my favorite lines in this song is: “When it just doesn’t feel like the old you is gone
The shame keeps telling your heart that you should be further along
You can fix your eyes now on the truth you know
That you are held by the hands of a savior that won’t let go.”

I get frustrated with my own imperfections. I have been walking with Jesus since I was nine years old. I ought to be like a shiny glass door by now.

Shame and discouragement can fill my heart, but the Holy Spirit gently reminds me that God is making me brand new. Every day He is working in my heart and renewing my mind in new ways. I am thousands of miles away from where I was, but there will be imperfections in me until Jesus comes back and takes me home.

But God is doing something else.

“Anyone in Christ is now a new creation
Every day you’re closer to the you He’s making
So take one last look back and see your past erasing
You are not who you were, that’s over and done
So lift up your eyes to the one

“Who’s making you new
He’s making you new
He’s healing your heart right where you are
If only you knew
He’s lifting your shame (He’s lifting your shame)
He’s changing your name (He’s changing your name)
And when you look back the only thing that you’ll see is His grace
Has been making you brand new
He is making you brand new
Yes, He is making you brand new”

When satan starts to point out all the ways you aren’t living up and the imperfections in you, listen to this song. Let God remind you of who you are in Him and what He is doing in you.