She Walked Before Us: Grace, Courage, and Strength From 12 Women of the Old Testament by Jill Eileen Smith: Review and Giveaway!

Recently, a dear friend and I were chatting and brainstorming about studies we might do with the women in our church body. We began talking about digging into the women in the bible, and we started talking about some of the different ones. We began realizing God talked about many women in the bible. It stirred something up in my heart.

Not too long after , I received the opportunity to read “She Walked Before Us” and instantly jumped at the chance. God had been preparing my heart to read this book. I am excited to share it with you today.

I had never read any books by Jill Eileen Smith before, but I can tell you after reading this book, I will be going to get more to read.

In this book, Jill Eileen Smith creates a beautiful blend of imagination and creative writing, along with the small and big truths about each woman revealed in God’s Word. She brings each woman to life in a way that leaves you feeling you just had a visit with each one. At the end of each chapter there are application questions that would be perfect to use for a personal bible study or one you could do with a group of women.

I enjoyed reading about women I had heard about before, but I also learned about women whose names I had seen but never really took the time to get to know. The author did an exquisite job of putting her reader in the shoes of each woman. I left feeling like I had spent time with each one, and I had a new appreciation for where she had been.

I am amazed that these women lived in a very different time, place, and culture, yet the lessons that linger from their lives are still relevant today and are extremely practical for my life and yours in this time, place, and culture.

From Miriam, to Ruth, to Rahab, to Hannah. From Deborah to Micha, to Abigail, and Bathsheba. Each one of these women had weaknesses and strengths. They learned that God could use them all for His purpose in their lives. They learned to trust God and to wait on Him, even when it seems like He wasn’t there or what He promised would never come to pass. Their lives weren’t perfect, yet they knew God’s presence, discipline, love, and forgiveness.

These are lessons we can take into our lives today.

Reading this book felt like I was on a journey. It is a journey I would love to share with you today. For anyone who leaves a comment on the this post, I will put your name in to win a copy of this book. I will draw a name on Wednesday, January 20th and I will announce it on the website and on social media.

This book can be purchased at several different book stores. I will put their links in the comments section. I want to say thank you to the Blythe Daniels agency for the opportunity to read this book and give one away.